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Forever gifts


Forever gifts to bring joy to the world

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Quilling is the art of rolling, looping, curling and twisting strips of paper to create beautiful artwork.

You can frame them or put into a shadow box for your desk, shelf or hang on the wall.

Each design will fill you with great emotion each time you see them.

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Kirigami Card

Kirigami is the Art of slicing and gluing paper to create artwork. Dragonflies and Cards keeps the art alive by skilled technique, we focus on the details of each design. We feel pride that we are the first artists to create the local themed Kirigami Art.

Let's explore the world of forever gifts!


Bamboo Art

Bamboo Art is the art of cutting, gluing bamboo and hand painting. We check to ensure each one is perfectly balance.

Dragonflies mean goodluck and a wonderful reminder to keep life in balance always. Also butterflies and phoenix bird available with turtle stands.

We hope our gifts makes you and everyone around you happy!




Make It Yourself (M.I.Y) is the way you could create your own Kirigami Art with step by step instructions.

We are the first artists to provide Kirigami Art programs at libraries around the Twin Cities.

Also you could enjoy and have a lot of fun with your family and friends making the card following our videos.